Centre for the Development of Laboratory Equipment PCSIR, Lahore has developed various Laboratory Equipment, which are being used in the R&D Organizations, Educational Institutions, Pharmaceutical Industry and in the Quality Control Labs. of several industries. Activity mentioned above is the outcome of long in house R&D efforts spread over a period of many years. Design, Development and Fabrication of Low Cost Laboratory Equipment is a great venture and breakthrough in scientific laboratory instrumentation. By now a large number of different instruments have been fabricated & supplied to many clients on demand. The consumer can have at least two or even three equally good compatible instruments in the price of one imported instruments. The performance of laboratory equipment developed by PCSIR has been tested by the end users. Their satisfaction speaks itself their quality and in exchange PCSIR is committed for regular backup services to valued customers.

Objective / Impact

  • To supplement the Education, R&D and Industrial Sectors where the budget allocation constrained them to buy the costly Scientific Laboratory Equipment
  • To provide an equally good import substitute, which can save a handsome part of important FEC.
  • To help growth of industries rapidly, which as result will provide creation of more jobs to meet relief to unemployment.
  • To be self reliant in the field of Laboratory Equipment Development


Following are the Laboratory Equipment developed at CDLE, PCSIR Labs Complex Lahore.

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Service Sectors

  • Universities/ Educational Institutes
  • R&D Organizations
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Paper & Board Industry
  • Hospitals